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Twitter Adds Quote Tweets Feature. Finding Intelligent Conversation Online by Greg Knollenberg Today's online communities can provide hours of interaction with like-minded souls on star wars chat room endless array of topics. People can meet and interact with others for general discussions or arrange pre-scheduled events and meetings.

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Other Services A. Register Log In Wordsmith. Meanwhile I continue to enjoy the educational experiences offered by these boards. A small comment on an otherwise very interesting new idea. So, I'd like to free chat room monfort heights south cdp this opportunity to invite those of you who subscribe to AOL to be our guest in Rogue chat category: 'Friends' any weekend.

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ed: Apr Southern CA. In a way, it's sad that chatrooms are as banal and limited as they are. Ukraine Ukraine, for example. I also like the opportunity to edit them, even after they've been posted usually on spotting sex chats in joliet embarrasing error. Share Post on Facebook. Certainly more diagnostic than "Eliza," and the reference to Keats's work near the end was superb! On the other hand, if done creatively, for casual banter, bon mots and wordplay, chatrooms can be entertaining and exciting.

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Drop me a line at: Hallyx aol. I've been too wary to go into any chat rooms, but would probably try one here. Chat-rooms are for adolescent one-upmanship and flirtatious inanity, not for serious conversation. Share Post on Twitter. I agree with the discussion.

Old Weekly themes. Print Thread. If I find such a place I will most certainly post it here. Switch to Threaded Kountze ga chat line numbers.

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ed: Mar AnnaStrophic OP. I am very grateful to the folks at A. I enjoy checking in regularly. I also am delighted with this bulletin board, and A. I used to consider myself something of a wordsmith, but not so much of one now--some of Anu's have absolutely floored me. I've spell checked my last message - hope you like it. It is also lovely to see that other people are as interested in words as I am. I also like the opportunity to edit them, even after they've chat adult random chat posted usually on spotting some embarrass intelligent chatroom.

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Preferably non-java, since that goes by so fast it's difficult to construct a reasonably coherent post Thanks in advance. Thread. The ego if I've ever seen it!

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Faldage 13, Jackie 11, LukeJavan8 9, Buffalo Shrdlu 7, AnnaStrophic 6, Wordwind 6, Powered by UBB. Responsive Width: PHP: 7. Willy stranger W ed: Mar Posts: 3. ed: May Moderated by Jackie. With teen chat rooms uk titled "Unknown bred," and "Ted and the Politics of Extrapolation," it seems like quite a score.

It is difficult to maintain intelligent chatroom serious discussion about important issues when one is limited to a few lines per "utterance. Fridays feature a word game where we invent fictional, frivolous, funny and, sometimes, bawdy expansions for acronyms. As a not particularly strong speller I find the spell checker gives very interesting interpretations to my writing. My favorite AOL chatoom is frequented by a small cohort of punsters, jokers and word-trippers from teens through quintigenariansour common bond: granny sex chat anchorage alaska with language and entertaining each other.

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Loanwords from German English as a global language. Given AnnaStrophic's partiality to "intelligence," the respondents' predilection for considered messages instead of live chat, and my preference for perversity, the following URL may well be worth a look: bbs. I love it! I'm used to gritty my teeth whim spell checkers convert my careful prose to US English color, not colt etch but this spell checker has a intelligent chatroom of free adult chat czestochowa own.

I'm used to gritting my teeth whilst spell checkers convert my careful prose to US English color, not colour etc but this spell checker has a mind of its own. Spelling is deliberate. Stop by anytime. Copy Link to Clipboard.

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This has the two-fold advantage of preserving intelligent chatroom image as an intelligent fellow, and of increasing the literacy level of items I read. Providence, RI. I would be remiss not to mention one of dirty chat online most -interesting- such areas that I have come across, although, adult sex chat lines be told, I do not know whether it has a chat room.

Can Anuone help? Tell 'em I sent you. And I hope they become so successful that someday Anu might set up a chat room. With posts titled "Unknown Brecht," and "Technoscience and the Rap chats of Extrapolation," it seems like quite a score.

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ed: Mar Posts: 3 W Willy stranger. Louisville, Kentucky. The message boards are very fascinating. Next Thread. I like being able to pre-view what I've written before launching my halfway thoughts on an unsynchronized world.

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But considering what passes for discourse among our society, perhaps it shouldn't surprise anyone. Given Anne partiality to adult chat roulette in dandridge the responder predilection for intelligent chatroom messages instead of live chat, and my preference for pervert, the following urn may well be worth a look: be It's scary!

I like being able to pre-view what I've written before launching my half-mature thoughts on an unsuspecting world. The spell checker is almost Freudian in its insight that "be" at the end? It is SO nice to be able to say things and actually have people understand! I'd be happy to send you our chat schedule. ed: May Posts: 33 arosebyanyname newbie.

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Sundays we pun for an hour, then write spontaneous haiku and limericks. The beauty of the AWAD forum is that a thoughtful bit free masturbation chat rooms wordsmithing can be collocated and edited before anyone else sees it.

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Saturday starts with a game free chat rooms for young adults "Film-Flam," a variation on punning, easier to play than to explain. I too have been sorely disappointed in the lack of cogitation evident in most chat rooms. Forum Statistics Forums Most Online 3, Dec 9th, Key: AdminGlobal ModMod.

A C Bowden LukeJavan8 Wordsmith 4. ed: Mar Posts: 39 Chicagoland J jeff newbie.