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How old am I: 28
Hobby: Horney House Wifes Search Adult Fuck Looking For Fun I Love Milf And Older Woman
My hair: Red
Body type: My body features is chubby

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Predominantly, I seek women who are very intelligent free chat rooms 40s 50s articulate; who are open-minded; who are excited by the thought and act of being a dirty, filthy, perverted, depraved slut the filthier, kinkier, more vulgar and unladylike the better ; who desire to explore taboos and who have no limits or very few.

Habitually masturbating many times a day at home and at work occupies your available time.

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If you are a cat chat rooms who feels that you do or can meet my requirements, please feel free to send me a private message. However, you all share cravings to be debased, dehumanised, treated like no-limits all-taboos whores and to have removed every scrap of dignity and self-respect remaining.

However, to avoid wasting our valuable time, I ask you to please read very carefully my original, comprehensive post above and arab chat room online profile. Originally Posted by JohnnyBrando WARNING: If you are offended by sexually explicit content please do not read any further and I respectfully suggest you ignore this post and look elsewhere.

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However, you all share cravings to be sexually debased, degraded, dehumanised, shamed, and objectified and to have removed every scrap of dignity and self-respect remaining so as to be reduced to the lowest level of filth, whoredom and onion chat rooms possible.

My advertisement, my rules apply.

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In other words, I only seek the type of depraved women who realistically need to do the type of degrading and humiliating things which so called "respectable" and "normal" women will not do and who are not able to give the slightest hint to their husband, boyfriend, partner or close friends as to how incredibly aroused they are by these perverted acts because they are considered to be socially unacceptable by the generally conservative population.

Would like to hear from perverted women over the age of chat with a nurse free the older the better with enormous, low-hanging, saggy tits and a huge, loose, perpetually open, droopy, meaty, cavernous cunt who enjoy very filthy conversations. Go to JohnnyBrando99 is offline. They desire to be sexually uninhibited with no personal inhibitions, no societal constraints or no concern about the conforming views of others.

Register Now - It's Free! I never read the replies in my advertisements they are instantly hidden from my view except in chatting friends online rare specific circumstances and you may have observed that I never respond to them in my thre. You enjoy spreading your legs for close-up views of your open dirty cunt and shoving larger and larger obscene objects right up inside your hungry stretched cunt-hole. Also, describe in general detail your face and body. However, if you have arrived at the conclusion that I am not the man for you, then with my best wishes and without hard feelings, I propose that you simply ignore me and read other advertisements as among the thousands of males on this site, you should eventually find one compatible with your sexual needs.

Please provide some anonymous online chat depression about yourself including marital status; age bracket; whether you are a professional woman, a student or a wife with home duties; racial background and crave degrading humiliating chat interests.

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Skype preferably or Kik are required for real-time communication. Do try best sex chat room be a little imaginative. Good luck. Do not use text-speak, abbreviations or acronyms and use complete sentences with proper grammar, punctuation, spelling and spacing. You should be filthy-minded and depraved. If you are female and object for whatever reason to its contents but have continued reading to this point, you must take responsibility for your own irrational action as you were politely warned british free sex chat the beginning.

Being a cheating wife, a fleshy female, a classy European woman or a Southern Lady are venerable virtues but definitely not pre-requisites as I do not wish to superficially discriminate against any type of woman from anywhere. Do you need help to make you a bigger slut? I can not be any more unambiguous or fair. The filthier, nastier, kinkier and more disgusting, vulgar, free dating chat local you are the better.

Also, describe in some detail your face and body. P-M-U-B for deviancy and filthy females with huge loose hairy bucket-cunts. However, the following strict conditions apply or I shall not respond: Be a genuine female with a detailed profile and with at least a few relevant posts.

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If you crave to be used as a worthless piece of compliant cunt-meat, please feel free to send me a private message. If you have managed to reach the end of this literary journey, I thank you for taking the time and having the endurance to read this long, demanding, didactic dissertation. If you are a sexually conservative, repressed, inhibited and insecure female or male and offended by this advertisement, do not bother telling me by posting lonely chat reply free ohio chat rooms I really do not care what you think and I do not need your moral judgement, negative criticism or condemnation.

I favour classy, cultured, English and other European women.

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I am searching specifically for women with the qualities of being highly intelligent, articulate and educated as well as of appearing in public as conservative, cultured, reserved, respectable, oxborough adult phone chat, dignified, properly-mannered, sophisticated, superior, stylish and very classy.

Last edited by JohnnyBrando99 : at AM. Reason: Update. I can not make it any clearer, unequivocal or obvious. If after reading them, you wish to contact me, I again point out to please ONLY send me an explicit private message which strictly complies with my requirements or I shall not respond.

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If you are female and object for whatever reason to the contents of this advertisement but have continued reading to this point, you must take responsibility for your luxembourg xxx live chat irrational action as you were politely warned at the beginning and your persistence of reading it at least to almost hot date chat end reveals a lot more about you than me.

A pussy is a cat and a cunt is a cunt is a cunt. Love and Peace Johnny Postscript In case you are wondering why this advertisement is so long and detailed the answer is totally pragmatic: It saves the time, effort and monotony of endlessly repeating myself in private messages. WARNING: If you are offended by sexually explicit descriptions and extreme sexual themes, I respectfully suggest that you please do not read any further, just ignore this post and look elsewhere for your prospective partners. No taboo topic is off limits as is appropriate for the vulgar speaking and filthy performing slut you know you are.

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Do you have a deep desire to demonstrate you are the most depraved of all whores with the filthiest mind? However, to make it perfectly clear, the suitable women I seek do not actually have low self-esteem or lack self-respect but possess a deep need to be brought down to the lowest level of their existence purely for their sexual excitement without reference to the conventional norms of behaviour and without regard to public perceptions of their value, worth, dignity, feelings and comfort. Do be a little imaginative. Who need to act as disgraceful, filthy sluts and who require getting off by crave degrading humiliating chat completely humiliated, degraded, physically used and verbally abused.

Like all people here and offline, I have my preferences: I prefer married women who are addicted to cheating on their husband with chat with hot girls providence rhode island stranger so as to defile their marriage or any filthy women over the age of 40 no upper age limit. Suitable applicants should enjoy taboo subjects; public lewd exhibitionism without bra and panties and public use by strangers both only under safe conditions ; teasing and seducing younger and older males and females; extreme masturbation at home including free telephone chat lines insertions of large and unusual objects for filling vid chat stretching ; masturbation at work, public places and homes of relatives and friends; dirty talk; unrestricted name calling including self verbal adult phone sex chat making denigrating comments about families and friends; comparing themselves unfavourably to girlfriends and to other ethnic races without political correctness; playing with dogs and other animals; toilet acts and incest.

Do you crave to be humiliated and degraded? You enjoy performing filthy acts. You are the most accomplished narcissistic exhibitionist who shamelessly enjoys showing off in lewd ways. Women who now admit they want to be sexually treated by a stranger as vulgar, inferior, low-class, gutter whores and worthless, cheap cunts.

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I am searching for women with the exceptional qualities of having a high level of intelligence, of being well-educated and articulate, of being thought publicly as conservative, cultured, reserved, respectable, decent, well spoken, properly mannered, sophisticated and high-class. Prefer mature, married women who need to dishonourably cheat on their husband with a stranger, to defile their marriage and to feel humiliation and shame for their excitement. Sex chat free winters city am looking for the most perverted female on this site who is excited by verbal humiliation; physical degradation; being used like a shameless slut; exhibiting her body to strangers and family; performing the filthiest taboo acts; wildly abandoning the conservative norms of society to give in to the pleasures of the ts chat rooms being treated like a dirty, cheap cunt and the dirtier and cheaper the better; dirty talk; nasty name calling; talking herself down; extreme masturbation and being a no-limit, filthy, disgraceful whore.

You love dirty talk, being called filthy names, saying degrading things about yourself and making insulting comments about your intelligence, weight, body, family and friends. I do have a preference for women with enormous, low-hanging, stretched-marked, saggy tits with very long nipples and a huge, loose, hairy cunt with very meaty cunt-lips. P-M-U-B for deviancy crave degrading humiliating chat filthy females with huge loose hairy cunts. You may be a sexually unfulfilled, professional, lady-like woman of high standing in the community; a younger woman who is a university graduate or who is currently attending a college; a married woman who due to circumstances is expected to only attend vibeline chatline phone number wifely and family duties; a woman with a sexually unsuitable boyfriend or a single woman who has not found a matching partner offline.

You should chat irland to being the worthless whore that you are, to humiliation and degradation arousing you and to wanting to be used in filthy a free chat line by anyone and anything.

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Are you a well used whore who needs more filth? Please be patient and I will reply to all genuine messages as soon as possible. Do you masturbate and fantasize of surrendering your decency and respectability to a stranger so as to lose control and be the uninhibited slut you have always wanted to be? You want to feel the humiliation of talking yourself down, of having your nationality tucson chats and of being compared unfavourably to other ethnic races without censorship or political correctness.

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The type of degrading things which conservative women will not do and which you would not even give a hint to your husband or boyfriend as to how much they turn you on because they are taboo and unacceptable. Your need for being called humiliating names is not a matter of low self-esteem but of having a deep desire to be brought down to the lowest level of your existence without any regard to your dignity, feelings and comfort. However, in their privacy, they have seemingly contradictory needs to confess their worthlessness and whoredom, to express what insatiable indecent sluts they are, to talk dirtier than the lowest scum-sucking whore, to beg disrespectfully for filthy use by total strangers, crave degrading humiliating chat have their bodies violated and to be treated like a well-used cunt.

You need to be objectified, dehumanized, degraded, embarrassed, shamed and reduced to the status of the cheapest, lowest-class, blonde at racine table sat in filth, super-slut you know you are. Do grasp the simple concept that this is strictly a private advertisement not a public forum open to uninvited comments and debate.

You may be a professional, well-educated, lady-like woman of high standing in the community; you may be a younger woman who is a university graduate or who is currently attending a college and desire to be degraded; you may be a married woman who due to circumstances has to attend to wifely and family duties at home but longs to explore the no-limits, slutty side of your personality; you may have a boyfriend who does not provide you with the crave degrading humiliating chat you need for sexual satisfaction or you may be single but can not find a suitable partner to fulfil your need to be a filthy whore.

Also, I am attracted to Southern Ladies from the United States of America probably because of a combination of their sugary Southern accent, their talent for cooking the most deliciously heavy meals and rich desserts and of course, their almost innate capacity to german chat rooms appear as chat cu web so sweet and innocent which often conceal their inner hunger to be a dirty, immoral, shameless slut. Fort worth texas free sex chat some information about yourself including: marital status, age bracket, whether you are a career woman or a student or a woman with home duties, racial background, fantasies and sexual interests.

However, in their privacy, they have confessed contradictory needs to explore their dark, dirty and free chat client side.

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Being a cheating slutty wife or a fleshy female are venerable virtues but definitely not pre-requisites. For those with a solipsistic mind, I bring to your attention that this laredo heat chat room my advertisement therefore, my rules apply.