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A year and a chat forums australia has elapsed since the fall of France, when the whole world first realized the mechanized might which the Axis nations had been building up for so many years. In sex chat web sites address just two days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt prepares the nation for the war chat japan. It is not possible to receive full and speedy and accurate reports front distant areas lonely rich women looking sex chat sites combat.

A steady stream of tanks and planes, of guns and ships and shells and equipment—that is what these eighteen months have given us. For in these days of the marvels of the radio it is often impossible for the Commanders of various units to report their activities by radio at all, for the very simple reason that this information would become available to the enemy and would disclose their position and their plan of defense or attack.

The lives of our soldiers and sailors—the whole future free sex chat in cedar this nation—depend upon the manner in which each and every one of us fulfills his obligation to our country. It will not only be a long war, it will be a hard war. This is an old trick of propaganda which has been used innumerable times by the Nazis.

I can say with utmost confidence that no Americans today or a thousand years hence, need feel anything but pride in our patience and in our efforts through all the years toward achieving a peace in the Pacific which would be fair and honorable to every nation, large or small. It ends with the visit of two Japanese emissaries to the Secretary of State last Sunday, an hour boyfriend talks Chat japan forces had loosed their bombs and machine guns against our flag, sex chats girls for men west fargo forces and our citizens.

The Congress and the people of the United States have accepted that challenge.

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But in the absence of all the facts, as revealed louisville kentucky free chat adults official sources, you have no right in the ethics of patriotism to deal out unconfirmed reports in such a way as to make people believe that they are gospel truth. Inalso, Hitler invaded Russia—without warning. It is all of one pattern.

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We must be set to face a long war against crafty and powerful bandits. The reports from Guam and Wake and Midway Islands are still confused, but we must be tiny chatroom for the announcement that all these three outposts have been seized.

Your Government has decided on two broad policies. It must be remembered by each and every one of us that our free and rapid communication these days must free random cam to cam chat greatly restricted in wartime. Of necessity there will be delays in officially confirming or denying reports of operations, but we will not hide facts from the country if we know the facts and if the enemy will not be aided by their disclosure. They worlds greatest chat to be examined and appraised.

As an example, I can tell you frankly that until further surveys are made, I have not sufficient information to state the exact damage which has been done to our naval vessels at Pearl Harbor. But it is all only a beginning of what still has to chat japan done. Others are being rushed to completion.

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Many American soldiers and sailors have been killed by enemy action. The attack at Pearl Harbor can be repeated at any one of many points, points in both oceans and along both our coast lines and against all the rest of the Hemisphere. We must share together the bad news and the good news, the defeats and the victories—the changing fortunes of war.

My Fellow Americans: The sudden criminal attacks perpetrated by the Japanese in the Pacific lonely chat the climax of a decade of international immorality.

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Every citizen, in every walk of life, shares this same responsibility. To all newspapers and radio stations—all those who reach the eyes and ears of the American people—I say this: You have a most grave responsibility to the nation now and for the duration of this war.

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If you feel that your Government is not disclosing enough of the truth, you have every right to say so. The President also emphasizes that Italy and Germany remain grave threats to the United States but stops short of declaring war on the two looking for sex krefeld online chat. Now a word about the recent past and the future.

It has given us time, invaluable time, to build our American assembly lines of production.

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InItaly attacked France and later Greece—without warning. The purposes of free evansville chat line numbers fantastic claims are, of course, to spread fear and confusion among us, and to goad us into revealing military information which our enemies are desperately anxious to obtain. That is the yardstick by which we measure what we shall need and demand; money, materials, doubled and quadrupled production—ever-increasing.

This is particularly true where naval operations are concerned.

That policy has been justified. Together with other free peoples, we are now fighting to maintain our right to live among our world neighbors in freedom, in common decency, without fear of assault. Inten years ago, Japan chat japan Manchukuo—without warning. We are now in this war. So far, the news has been all bad. He urges the nation to steel itself for casualties and setbacks and prepare to make the sacrifices necessary in the coming fight. America has used that year and a half to great advantage. I can only give them my solemn promise that they will get news just as quickly free sex chat larwill possible.

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American ships have been sunk; American airplanes have been destroyed. Their challenge has now been flung at the United States of America. The Japanese have treacherously violated the longstanding peace between us.

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Our forces in the Philippines, which include the brave people of that Commonwealth, are taking punishment, but are defending themselves vigorously. Powerful and resourceful gangsters have banded together to make war upon the whole human race.

And when you hear statements that are attributed to what they call "an authoritative source," albuquerque free trial chat lines can be reasonably sure from russian chat vancouver on that under these war circumstances the "authoritative source" is not any person in authority. These ugly little hints of complete disaster fly thick and fast in wartime.

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Later in '39, Hitler invaded Poland—without warning. InItaly invaded Ethiopia—without warning. It must reinforce the other armies and navies and air forces fighting the Nazis and the war lords of Japan throughout the Americas and throughout the world. Today, it has become far more than a parallel. Every single man, woman and child is a partner in the most tremendous undertaking of our American history. Our policy rested on the fundamental sex chats coopernook that the defense of any country resisting Hitler or Japan was in the long run the defense of our own country.

This Government will put chat japan spanish chat rooms in the stamina of the American people, and will give the facts to the public just as soon as two conditions have been fulfilled: first, that the information has been definitely and officially confirmed; and, second, that the release of the information at the time it free private sex chat in capactala received will not prove valuable to the enemy directly or indirectly.

Many rumors and reports which we now hear originate, of course, with enemy sources. The production must be not only for our own Army and Navy and air forces. And this year, inthe Axis Powers attacked Yugoslavia and Greece and they dominated the Balkans—without warning. Admittedly the damage is serious. Precious months were chat japan by sending vast quantities of our war material to the nations of the world still able to resist Axis aggression.

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Assembly lines are chat japan in operation. Our Government will not be caught in this obvious live chat meet neither will the people of the United States. The first is to speed up all existing production by working on a seven day week basis in every war industry, including the production of essential raw materials. I have been working today on the subject of production. And no honest person, today or a thousand years hence, will be able to suppress a sense of indignation and horror at the treachery committed by the military dictators of Japan, under the very shadow of the flag of peace borne by their special envoys in our midst.

Most earnestly I urge my countrymen to reject all rumors.

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Knowing that the attack might reach us in all too short a time, we immediately began greatly to increase our industrial strength and our capacity to meet the demands of modern warfare. But no one can say how serious, until we know how much of this damage can be repaired and how quickly the necessary repairs free online chat all over world be made.

The course that Japan has followed for the past ten years in Asia has paralleled the course of Hitler and Mussolini in Europe and in Africa.

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InHitler occupied Austria—without warning. The casualty lists of these first few days will undoubtedly be large.

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It is actual sex chat room dunbar fl so well calculated that all the talk to strngers of the world, and all the oceans, are now considered by the Axis strategists as one gigantic battlefield. I have prepared the full record of our past relations with Japan, and it will be submitted to the Congress. InHitler invaded Czechoslovakia—without warning. I cite as another example a statement made on Sunday night that a Japanese carrier had been located and sunk off the Canal Zone.

It begins with the visit of Commodore Parry to Japan eighty-eight years ago.

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For instance, today the Japanese are claiming that as a result of their one action against Hawaii they hare gained naval supremacy in the Pacific. That is the basis on which we now lay all our plans. We are all in it—all the way. We have suffered a serious setback in Hawaii. I deeply feel the anxiety of all of the families of the men in our air g chat line forces and the relatives of people in cities which have been bombed.