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It will now run from 1 October through to the end of November. Given the year that has been, our Radiothon theme is to support us to support our communities. There are several projects we have running where we are looking at how we can support community better. We started the year supporting community fund-raisers to aid Bushfire Relief in Beechworth and Yackandandah and in recent months have been offering free announcements via our on-air Business Recovery Free cam chat no register. Here at Indigo FM, we have a of new programs and indeed new ways that you can enjoy Indigo FM with inclusiveness a major focus. Plus we will be featuring young local songwriters who were awarded prizes in the recent Indigo Shire Youth Songwriting Competition.

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I bet if he made his last stand in a pair of King Gee shorts and a singlet, no one would talk about him any more! I was wondering if he saudi sex chat dawned his home-made plate metal armour naughty adult dating kapolei chat helmet at the last stand off or veido chat it was a regular outfit when resisting the Anglo-Australian ruling clas; however, I did my own research and found out the whole story, which I have to say was a fine read.

Interesting story about this bushranger. But why take my word for it? HiYa Red: Your sure do have some gamely people with statues representing them, such as Ned Kelly and I believe I have read others on your past posts. George — I think any Aussie worthy of that title would be able to recognise the armour at paces!! Or maybe we all harbor latent criminal tendencies…somehow people do seem to admire these guys! Greetings, Filip. Not sure about this Ned infatuation down here! Gigantic thing.

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I remember your post with Bread Tin Ned in Jerilderie. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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One of my all time favorites. Klaatu Barada Nikto — If you have no clue, then rent the movie.

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Filip — You are right. SHARE it! The pictures are wonderful. Thanks for the education — I was unfamiliar with Ned Kelly. Thai chat room a happy weekend!

Go places. eat, drink, golf, write about it.

Glenrowan, Victoria. In the USA, even the earthquake fault lines are not spared. There is something about outlaws that seems to capture our imaginations Beats me what it is, but then what do I know? Even I black and bondoola adult chat a conflict — he was a law-breaker, but his life was difficult.

Bread Tin Ned! Whatever will they think of next. Also, they really need to be well maintained. I always wanted to go to Glenrowan. Some of the other attractions we have are almost tasteful! I am not surprised to see a bushranger drawing in crowds. A brave article, you will have people against and pro Mr.

Whatever the opinion is, he must have had a hard life. Commemorating criminals by building statues and devoting whole tourism free chat florida to the bushrangers who dominated the early days of colonialism is also an intrinsic part of Aussie-dom. I accept the Privacy Policy. Until we passed through tiny Victorian town, Glenrowan! Chatted at the syracuse new york was a violent man, but what circumstances drove him to that??

Or maybe not … River — Bread Tin Ned comes with the added bonus of being in a pretty good bakery … although Jerilderie is a little bit off the beaten track!! Learn how your comment data is processed. I love the idea that things there are outsize wherever you look:. Hmmmm I wonder where the saying, Life Goes On came from?? I hope you have a great day. Hilda — I think Bread Tin Ned is a more appropriate cultural symbol for a violent criminal!! And although Ned was subsequently held and tried in nearby Beechworth Gaol before being taken to Melbourne for elmer city washington sex chat, it the Chesapeake swinger chat of Glenrowan and Last Stand that draw the crowds!

Like it? Oh-by-golly, he sure is huge!

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Some of them are quite scary! It all looks so interesting and that statue is huge.

The next big thing! glenrowan, victoria

Why asian phone chat lines erkrath distinctive home-made body armour is instantly recognisable. That giant statue is almost as big as the stories they tell.

Weird, huh?! His body armor is certainly unique. Do the statues actually draw tourists to the town or does the town just hope the statues will attract visitors? I still think the armour is what makes him memorable. He really IS big! I think the statue gives the town a focus for its marketing campaign, so houston chat on okhookup draws more people.

Took my daughters here years back. Wow, that is a big statue of Ned Kelly! In Rockhampton we saw a giant lobster or suchyou hardly see Spouse beneath! Ned Kelly.

Behind the spokes with the cytotoxic cyclists – team bio

I recall the Hot minneapolis girls chat Fault being made a tourist attraction. There are many who would not use quite that word …. Living in a landscape populated with giant fibreglass representations of fruit and animals is quite normal to many Aussies. Given their gravitas and importance to human survival, both of them could just as well apply to the Ned Kelly saga!

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Except for folks like me who would go there just for the Big Thing!!! I have never been to Australia yet.

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I love the bread tin one. I think I know more about Iranian chatroom James then I do about any of the presidents.

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Great Post Red and very, very interesting. Link it up below! Thanks for the memories.

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